Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Snow dayz (again)

My morning awareness:   it is a healthy thing to call a halt and say "no" to some things. 

There are mountains of snow around the yard, the result of my neighbor plowing the wet, melty-on-the-bottom, unmanageable snow that fell all day yesterday.   I shoveled little paths to the bird feeders and refilled the treats.  I listed to the hairy woodpecker chatter at me that he had plucked all good the nuts from the suet cake, and wanted a fresh one.  So I complied.  I mushed out thru it all, slogging thru slippery parking lots filled with deep slush to take care of a business appointment.  At least the temps were above freezing!

But today, I will watch the big, fat flakes from inside the house.  The temps have plummeted (12 degrees, -11 windchill) and it has been snowing again this morning.  Cleveland weather folks just don't get that Madison Township in Lake County, Ohio usually has much different weather than they predict for the 'big city'. 

So I say "no."  I won't bundle up, get wet boots and soggy gloves from going out and fighting with the snow.  I'll just crank up the space heater, hang out in my bright studio packed with all sorts of stuff to create with, listen to some get-up-and-dance music, and stay relaxed and warm. 

Choosing to enjoy myself and pursue simple pleasures is my only job today.   I'm brewing a fresh cup of coffee and heading back to my room now.  I'll check again later, when I surface to cook up a pot of jambalaya for dinner this afternoon.  Maybe I'll feel more like going out then.  Maybe not.

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  1. Saying no is so important sometimes! Good for you. I hope you had a very productive and relaxing day! Carol