Friday, February 13, 2015

Ohio in February

A stunning sapphire sky, driving South up the ridges into Thompson this morning in search of winter beauty.   Yes, I have CABIN FEVER! 

Definitely needed the Ray-Bans today.  Treetops, vinyards, and endless white, snow-drifted farm fields all covered in icy goodness, sparkling in the brilliant sun.   I roamed around and snapped a lot of stunning fotos; however they got lost in the download from camera to PC.  Oh well.  This one from Hogback Ridge Metropark in Lake County is one of the few that survived.  But it just can't capture the breath-taking beauty of the icy treetops. Nailed that sky, tho!
Iced trees at Hogback Ridge Metropark 

Had a nice breakfast outing with my very talented, crafty friend, Rachel.  She made this card for me to give to my hubby tomorrow:

Thank you, Rachel! 

Now I'm back home,  bundled up in my cozy sweats with a hot cup of ginger-lemon herb tea, to compose a suitable verse for the card.  It just has to be tender, funny, and romantic:  just like Tim

Happy Valentine's day!  Share the love....

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