Wednesday, March 11, 2015

When will our legislators LEGISLATE?

This is a political statement; I will get on to the business of creating for the rest of today.  But my outrage at actions of 47 United States Senators who felt compelled to sign a "Letter to Iraq" and speak for us, the 99%, has left me wondering just what our Congress things we elected it to do. 

The following is the e-mail I sent to Ohio Senator Rob Portman.  Just had to express my right as a citizen to inform our elected official how "we the people" want him to carry our his duties.

Dear Senator Portman:

Please re-read your history books and the purpose of the United States Senate.  It was created, I believe, as part of the LEGISLATIVE branch of government.  Not Executive, not Judicial.  Elementary.

Your presumptuous arrogance in speaking to a foreign nation on behalf of our country is not what you were elected to do.  Forty-seven senators does not constitute a majority; neither are you folks empowered to speak on the behalf of this nation.

Get down to the business of working on the behalf of we who elected you.  Attend to our health care, protect our environment, assure that all who live and breathe our air can live without fear of each other, can trust one another, can get the best education possible regardless of our incomes, assure that all who work can earn a living wage, take measures to stop rampant taxation inequities, decrease the violence and crime which burden us with the moral and financial cost of incarceration.  In short, right our internal inequities and attend to the 99%, not the 1%.

Just go about the business of making this a better nation in which we can ALL safely grow and prosper.  SHAME ON YOU, MR. PORTMAN.

By the way, please do not plague me with justifications or unwanted emails, newsletters, or other communications.  Your legislative behavior will speak for itself.

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