Friday, January 22, 2016

Inspiration and procrastination

As you may know, I took an online Klass, "Beginnings", from Sketchbook Skool last year.  (Yes, everything is spelled with a "K"--artists tend to be kreative and kwerky LOL.)

I resisted the temptation to spend $$ on art this month, and postponed a decision to enroll in the new klass until the deadline passed.  But their persistence paid off...for Sketchbook Skool (SBS) and for me.  A couple days late, I started the new klass this week and am re-energized, once again.

There is just no substitute for being in the company of like-minded souls who support our passions, whether that be art, recovery, cooking, or the journey in search of self! 

Here's my first assignment:  hand-lettering a quote that has personal meaning.  Of course, it has bright colors.  They reflect my enthusiasm.

While on the topic of inspiration, music helps fuel my energy as well.  My brother, Roger Migchelbrink, and I shared lots and lots of music back in the day.  One of his "Throwback Thursday" posts on Facebook reminded me of some long-forgotten favorites.  Here's one of them that gave me a jolt of youth and energy yesterday.  Enjoy! 

Short post.  Off internet now; must go create something to start my day!

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