Tuesday, January 5, 2016

MOVEment in a New Year!

Winter days are good for reflection and redirection. And so, I blog.

Creatively, in 2015, I managed to:  use my studio often and make it into the sanctuary every artist needs. My space is my own.  And, it has become a central spot for organizing my thoughts, my time, and my meditations.   Ahhh.

I created and sold some recovery-themed earrings and journals.  I’m still completing some watercolor art for invitations, cards, and art pieces requested by customers.  Add the beginnings of some mentoring, and it has been an interesting year.   

Here are a few of the things I accomplished . . .


For this new year: my theme word, "MOVE", means stepping away from my comfort/center and stretching out. Moving toward the Light. Move my butt. Move out of my own way. Move the earth (literally. Digging in the garden.).

I’m looking forward to using the stash of found objects, artisan beads and components I’ve accumulated to create more unique jewelry. Here’s a recent acquisition from another artist’s ‘stash’:

I guess Part of this MOVEment involves seeking guidance and inspiration from others—both in person and on the internet.

One of my favorite muses said on her blog, Myth and Moor: “The paradox inherent in making art, of course, is that it's an act involving both giving and receiving. Like breathing, it requires both, the inhalation and the exhalation. We receive the gift of inspiration (inhale), give it shape and form and pass it on (exhale).”

And so, I will move on today. Healthy breakfast accomplished; cleaning up and caring for my plants, then sitting in my studio finishing a painting. It was drawn, inked, and color-studied yesterday.  Here's a sneak peak: 

Today’s brilliant, but cold, winter sunshine will illuminate my table and my soul.  Have a beautiful, warm winter day!

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