Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Something New for 2015

For the new year:  I traded my NY Times Sunday subscription for a Y membership.  Instead of sitting and reading the paper, I'm going for aquatic therapy for my tired old, sedentary, arthritic body.  If I can't move so well on land, going for the water!  After all, I'm a Pisces.  

My new doc said it in a way I could (finally) understand:  "I know it's expensive.  But, it's your body.  And it costs less than a cell phone."  Yes, I have to pay:  Anthem BC/BS here will not cover the Silver Sneakers (free) program.

So I toughed it out yesterday.  Went over to the Madison Y, signed up, and met a couple of new friends there already.  [Jeez, the young gents in the weight room. . .  a little intimidating.]  

I absolutely REFUSE to be too old to change, right?!    Are you making any changes for the new year?

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