Saturday, January 10, 2015

January - Below zero

I do not love blowing snow and below-zero wind chills.   There have been hazardous driving conditions, closed schools, and dark, grey days this week.  But here are a couple of sketches I produced; just finding beauty where I am, rather than trekking out to find it.

Just to loosen up, playing with watercolors; for color and joy.

And then, just for kicks, sketched the candlesticks and lace runner on top of the piano, while watching (well, listening to) TV with my hubby.   A quiet, dark winter evening at home.  Discovered that the Uniball Vision pen I used isn't water-tight; so I left it in black and white.

Finally, I got going, ready to bundle up and head out (with winter storm warnings, again), on Friday morning.  But the sight of the blue spruce, covered in show, thru my bathroom window caught my attention.  So I stopped, pulled up a chair, and sketched again.  Took a couple of hours of pen drawing.  Then today, added color, with watercolors, Derwent color pencils, and Staedler watercolor pencils.  (Again, the uniball...  I'm a slow learner.)  Have been using a new Cotman 90# multimedia sketchbook, 9x12, for these more detailed drawings.   Feels well-suited to my style.    Why -- oh why -- do I have so many lace curtains to sketch, tho?!

Next week is predicted to be drier, and around 32 degrees; so I'm planning a day out at a museum for a change of scenery.

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