Friday, July 8, 2016


Today we read about violence.  The world is hurting, and some are placing a call to arms to defend . . . what?

I am signing off FB for awhile. Too much ignorance and hate, not enough meaningful discussion. Cute animals and TGIF memes just aren't cutting it for me this afternoon, either.

Instead, I am taking care of my own little corner of the world.  A simple life.  House work.   loading up recycling -- since my tiny town just can't seem to embrace this concept, I have to drive elsewhere to drop it off myself for pete's sake.    

Meanwhile, here are some of my GORGEOUS day lilies; I went wandering among them, in the steamy heat, to refresh my soul. Stop over to enjoy them; coffee's on.

For the rest of the day, I'm just gonna hang out in my own little peaceful, air conditioned world.   A little sketching, reading, meditation.  

 The hot, humid air wreaks of violent storms building.  The atmosphere is heavy.  So is my heart.    .    .    .    .